Different Comparison of Some of the Best Pocket Printers

There are a lot of pocket printers that you can find nowadays. That is why you need to make sure that you are not choosing the wrong pocket printer for your need. For your information, there are some top pocket printers that you might want to consider to buy. They are Kodak Mini 2, HP Sprocket 200, and Polaroid Mint. If you cannot decide which one to choose, you can see the different pocket printer so that you are not going to choose the wrong pocket printer for your portable printing needs.

Kodak Mini 2

Talking about the quality, Kodak Mini 2 might be one of the best pocket printers that you can find on the market nowadays. The reason is because of the sublimation technology that this pocket printer uses. For your information, the sublimation printing technology helps you to achieve the nice quality and long lasting prints. This way, you can be sure that the printing output will be totally satisfying. One thing that you need to know from this pocket printer is the battery life that can only last for printing the total of 20 prints. Yet, printing 20 prints is more than enough for many people.

HP Sprocket 200

The second one is HP Sprocket 200. This pocket printer might be one of the most valuable pocket printers that you can get. The reason is because the price is quite affordable. As an addition to that, the battery of this printer can last up to 50 prints. That is why you do not need to worry if you have to take this pocket printer during your long travel. The battery can last for the average of two to three days. The last but not least, the size of this pocket printer is very compact. You can even put this pocket printer on the side pocket of your bag.

Polaroid Mint

The last one is Polaroid Mint, which is one of the cheapest of all. Even though this pocket printer is the cheapest of all, the printing quality of this pocket printer is not bad at all. Of course, you cannot expect to have the premium printing quality from something cheap. Yet, spending around 100 dollars for a medium quality pocket printer is not a waste at all. Besides that, its printing time is quite fast. You only need around 40 seconds to print a photo using this printer. This one is faster than many others that need around a minute to print a photo.